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Digestive wellness

Anti-inflammatory diet

Functional and alternative medicine

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Sports nutrition

Diabetes prevention and management

Geriatric nutrition

Disordered eating

Enteral feeding

MTHFR gene mutation

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Healthy cooking / meal planning

Anti-inflammatory meal plans

Personal training 

SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner

Beverly Prentice, MS, RDN/LD


A health professional dedicated to functional medicine, Beverly Prentice MS, RDN/LD has worked with a variety of clients ranging from NASA scientists to private individuals. Beverly holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition and a Master of Science degree in Educational Foundations Interdisciplinary Studies from Western Illinois University. Professionally recognized as an expert on nutrition, Beverly was called upon to address the U.S. Senate Commission Hearing on Nutrition Education. Beverly has over 30 years of diverse experience in clinical, food management, food safety, and community nutrition.


Author of Grain of Truth and Cooking With Grains: A Healthy Alternative, this passionate professional has designed meals for foreign and domestic dignitaries. Committed to teaching optimal health that can be achieved through nutrition, her work and cookbooks are dedicated to her father, Dr. Jack Spiceland, who died in his late twenties of cancer of the colon, a condition we now believe is preventable by consuming a high-fiber diet. 


Following in her footsteps and inspired by their mother’s passion, teaching of whole grain foods, and maintaining a healthy diet, five of Beverly’s six children studied and currently serve in medical fields empowered with knowledge to continue the legacy of helping and healing others. 

Megan McFarland, MS, RDN/LD


Megan McFarland MS, RD, LD has her Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences with an option in

Dietetics and her Master of Science in Nutrition from Oklahoma State University. Megan is

known for being encouraging and creative in finding solutions to facilitate healthy eating.

Megan has a history in nutrition research with a focus on the role of functional foods in

preventing inflammation. Megan is also a certified personal trainer and believes that exercise and

nutrition are both vital to overall health.

Megan believes in working with each client to set goals that they agree on. She believes in

setting small goals, celebrating every victory, and in building self-confidence and self-efficacy in

each client. She provides information that makes nutrition easy to understand and resources that

help to make eating healthy easy and enjoyable.


Cardiovascular disease

Diabetes prevention and management

Renal disease


Nutrition Support

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Nicole Bulman, MS, RDN/LD
Nicole Bulman, MS, RDN/LD has her Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition/Dietetics from Oklahoma State University and a Master's in Nutrition at the University of Oklahoma.
Nicole works with a variety of patients in the clinical setting. Nicole has experience with diabetes, oncology, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, and nutrition support. 
Nicole loves to cook and enjoys teaching others about nutrition through cooking. She enjoys helping clients reach their goals and make lifestyle changes that help them lead healthier lives. 

Virginia Trammell, RDN/LD


Virginia Trammell, RDN/LD has her Bachelor’s of Science in Nutrition/Dietetics from Northeastern State University, and is working towards becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator.


Virginia has experience working with a variety of clients. She enjoys working closely with individuals, educating and creating meals to suit their specific health needs and goals.


Virginia believes that success with clients starts with realistic, achievable goals and creating a positive, encouraging atmosphere. She believes that all victories, big and small, should be acknowledged and celebrated. Virginia loves to cook and enjoys sharing healthy cooking ideas with clients in and out of the kitchen.


Virginia is the mother of a young daughter and believes health and good nutrition starts with children. It can be a challenge but cooking with and for children makes being creative in the kitchen essential. Before pursuing her love of nutrition, Virginia received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the Kansas City Art Institute in ceramics, and continues to create art to this day.


Diabetes education/prevention and management

Healthy Cooking/Meal Planning 

Weight Management

Enteral Nutrition Support 

Anti-inflammatory Meal Plans 

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Diabetes Prevention & Management

Healthy Cooking & Meal Planning 

Weight Management 

Exercise Programming 

Anti-inflammatory Meal Plans 

SHAPE ReClaimed Practitioner

Malorie Scherf, MS, RDN/LD

Malorie Scherf, MS, RDN/LD received her Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition/Dietetics from Kansas State University and her Master's in Dietetics from Iowa State University. Malorie also has an Associate’s of Science in Culinary Arts from the Art Institute International - Kansas City. 


In combination with her experience working as a chef in several restaurants and her previous years as a certified personal trainer, Malorie specializes in meal planning, healthy recipe modification and exercise programming. Malorie also has special interests in functional medicine to prevent inflammation and diabetes management. 


As a "foodie" herself, Malorie believes that no foods are considered “bad” and that all foods can be incorporated into a healthy lifestyle. Malorie strives to encourage healthy relationships with food by incorporating Mindful Eating techniques and educating her clients about nutrition so that it is easily understood. She believes that progress is progress, and no matter how small, it can make a huge difference in your life and toward reaching your health and wellness goals. 

Tori Geasland, RDN/LD

Tori Geasland RDN/LD received her Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Science/Dietetics from Northeastern State University and completed her dietetic internship through Iowa State University.

Tori has experience working in a variety of different areas regarding nutrition, including food service, retail, and inpatient clinical. She specializes in medical nutrition therapy recipe modifications as well as nutrition education.


Her passions are fermentation and probiotic rich foods, home scratch cooking and budget-friendly meals. She grew up on a farm, so she loves supporting local farmers markets and supporting sustainability within food production.

Living out her childhood dream of becoming a “Cooking Scientist”, Tori loves being able to use her dietetic credentials to work side by side with people teaching them the positive health benefits of eating with the mentality of fueling the human body.


Nutrition Education

Healthy Cooking/Meal Planning

Food Allergies 

Pediatric Nutrition

Sustainable Cooking/Food Systems


Shelbi Durham, RDN/LD


Shelbi Durham, RDN/LD received her Bachelor’s in Nutrition and Dietetics from Northeastern State University and completed her dietetic internship at the University of Oklahoma.


Majority of her career has been involved with diabetes management, where she has taught clients, from pediatric to geriatric, to build well-balanced meals, make exercising enjoyable, and create healthy habits that last a lifetime.


Shelbi’s special interests include farming and gardening, where her family raises a majority of their own meat and produce. She enjoys teaching others to grow their own food through community classes.


Nutrition Education

Diabetes Prevention & Management

GI Health  

Cardiovascular Disease

Weight Management 

Kimberly Filhiol, MPH

Kimberly Filhiol, MPH received her Master’s in Public Health from Purdue University in 2019. She received her BS in Medical Molecular Biology from Rogers State University in 2012. During her undergrad she became interested in molecular cell research and how the body functions at the molecular level. She is interested in how research and epidemiological data can be used to reduce the risk and occurrence of negative health outcomes through research, community education, and health policy.


Kimberly has experience as a public health specialist, has managed a small chiropractic office.  While there, she used her knowledge in health informatics to merge that practice with a medical practice and to transition to an electronic health records system.  In addition to this she was able to teach clients alternate ways to treat pain and discomfort.

Working closely with Dietitians and clients, Kimberly assures all processes are met and completed with professional precisian.  

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