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"The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison."
-Ann Wigmore

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About Us


At Nutrition Specialists of Northeastern Oklahoma, we are committed to assisting patients along the journey to attain optimal health through the application of cutting edge nutrition combined with functional medicine. We provide unparalleled expertise in nutrition from practical cooking and preparation advice to interpreting biochemistry at the cellular level. It's our firm belief that an inside approach is necessary to optimal health. Our commitment involves in-home nutrition consultation where we come into your kitchen and work with you and your families to teach you the fundamentals necessary to achieve and maintain your personal best health and fitness levels.


Our approach to nutrition is fundamental; we attempt to find the underlying medical need rather than simply treating symptoms. When the cells are properly nourished, the organs are healthier, the systems work better, and the body as a whole benefits. Our registered dietitians hold advanced degrees and are fully trained and licensed to recommend and interpret medical labs, propose and teach therapeutic diet orders, and monitor nutrition and mealtime assistance plans. 

If you have a nutrition related medical diagnosis (see list below) and prescription from your doctor, expenses for nutrition therapy may be covered by your insurance. Our policy is cash for services upfront, then you may submit the claim to your insurance for reimbursement. 

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Nutrition Consultation and Therapy


We aren't simply nutritionists; we are registered and licensed dietitians. There's an intricate science behind healthy eating and finding the right approach for the individual. The world is inundated with the word diet and it can be positive or negative, but we strive for health and wellness and allow the weight to take care of itself.


We work with the individual to meet each unique challenge. Everyone has different genes, systems, inflammatory markers, etc. and therefore, every plan needs the personal attention of a registered dietitian with the education and science behind it to be successful long term. 

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Shape ReClaimed

Schedule a session with one of our dietitians to improve your health by reducing inflammation, toxicity, and weight. Individual or group consultations available.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“In regards to my change in health due to having Nicole as my RDN: I am so very pleased by the things she has taught me. I feel that she has actually saved my life. Before seeing her my numbers (blood pressure & blood sugar) were high, very high. Now both are normal. And with her help, I know things will continue to staying normal. I have even lost weight by following each and everything that she suggested. I could not have done this without her and thank God for placing her in my life…” -Ron S. 

“Another amazing day with our favorite dietitian Beverly Prentice!  They tried so many veggies... ate their entire tree!  Made ornaments with five fingers representing the food groups and painted with broccoli! Seriously the best thing ever!” - K. Ables 

“Trust the process 7 months into this lifestyle change. Special Thanks To my Fitness Coach and my nutritionist Beverly Prentice! You both are the best!” - A. McConnell

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“I couldn't have done it without you here helping us through this difficult time and it’s so much nicer to be able to have you (Beverly Prentice, MS, RDN/LD) come to the house. I don’t have to get Bridgette and her wheelchair ready to go. With COVID going on, it’s just so much nicer to have Bridgette here in her own environment and not have to go sit in an office. It’s better for both of us. She’s much better off and I couldn’t have done it without you.” -D. Gowdy and daughter Bridgette 

“Another amazing day with our favorite dietician Beverly Prentice!  They tried so many veggies... ate their entire tree!  Made ornaments with five fingers representing the food groups and painted with broccoli! Seriously the best thing ever!” - K. Ables 

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“Lifestyle change I am officially 30 lbs down. 8 months in what a journey. I have an amazing coach and dietitian Beverly Prentice” - A. McConnell 

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